Orion Nebula – The First Attempt!

On a hiking trip in Frontenac Provincial Park, I took my first shot at photographing the Orion Nebula. 10+ lbs of camera gear is not on my standard list of hiking equipment! I don't have a tracker, so this was shot on a stationary tripod with 2 second frames. I readjusted the camera every 5 … Continue reading Orion Nebula – The First Attempt!

Finding a Fastpack: The Shortlist

Using all of my criteria (outlined here) I made a short list of packs that may work for my fastpacking experiment this summer. The Running Specific Option Yama Mountain Gear Sassafrass Fastpack On paper, this looks like the perfect pack. The right size, shape, closure, shape, features, suspension. It is a touch heavy, but that … Continue reading Finding a Fastpack: The Shortlist