The Next Adventure: Great Divide Trail 2020

A new adventure is finally on the horizon! My heart has spent too long away from the mountains, and it is finally time to get back where I belong. In July and August 2020 I will be found on the Great Divide Trail, walking 1,130km from the US border in Waterton to Kakwa Lake!

I will be walking that red line! Map from the GDTA Website
So much planning!

The initial planning began months ago: itineraries, rough meal plans, gear lists, guide book reading, budgeting, oh my! My planned itinerary is highly tentative at the moment, as site booking doesn’t start until January 24, 2020. Once I get the the final itinerary in place, the preparations can begin in earnest: town accommodation booking, flights, putting together resupply boxes, flights, shuttles, solid food counts, printing maps, dehydrating meals, finding shoes. So much to do! In the meantime, my focus will be on getting into shape.

I am unspeakably excited to being back in the mountains. Only 8 months to go!

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