Kensho 2 Tent – Bathtub Floor Part 1

Usually I document everything with photos. In the spirit of learning something new, I tried something different. My first sewing related video. Wow, shooting video with a DSLR and editing it is quite the learning curve! Here’s to first attempts!

For those who do not want to watch video, the description of today’s activities is brief:

  • All sides of the floor were hemmed
  • I am having a lengthy debate with myself about the pros and cons of constructing the box corners the way its done in the pattern or a different way.
    • The pattern has the seam sewn wrong sides together. This puts the excess fabric on the outside, and the guy out is attached to a trimmed down flap of that excess fabric
    • Alternatively, I could sew the seam wrong sides together so that the excess fabric falls on the inside of the tent and sew the guy out directly into the seam. This could then be reinforced on the inside with stitching through the webbing and seam allowance.

The second option will look much neater on the inside, but I’m not sure which way will create a stronger attachment point. I’m still thinking about it!

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