Kensho 2 Tent – Bathtub Floor Part 2

The bathtub floor is done!

I ended up going with putting the box corner seam on the inside in the end. It looks cleaner on the outside, and I think it will be just as strong. The clincher was when I looked at how the mesh is sewn to the floor, and the way the corner was done in the pattern makes that step quite difficult. With the seam allowance on the inside I can just fold the seam allowance back along the side of the floor and treat both layers as one. This will be much easier and make a cleaner corner attachment for the mesh. I also checked the Duplex, and it doesn’t have this floor guy out at all. That relieved my fears that doing this less than perfectly would ruin my pitch.

This weekend I also got all the pieces cut out. Next up: the roof sub-unit!

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