Kensho 2 Tent – Mesh Components

Over the last two days I completed the mesh components: the inside doors and the mesh strips at the head and the foot. Due to having company this weekend, this is a silent film! Well, there is background music but nothing of me talking. I couldn’t find a quiet time to do the voice overs.

If I were doing this again, I would make the reinforcement panel as its own pattern piece. It would have been easier than hemming the mesh around it, would have looked cleaner, and would result in less bulk in the seam allowance where this will attach to the roof.

One big learning I took away was unexpected: zipper pull orientation! I have installed plenty of zippers in garments over the years but they rarely have double sided pulls. I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I installed my first pull and couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to move the pull! Turns out I installed it upside down, with the narrow side up. Make sure your pulls go on the right way! Luckily this was an easy fix, and after making this mistake I will be much less likely to do it again.

I am a bit nervous about how the doors will function. The rainbow doors of the pattern were not an option for me. With the dogs, I wanted a style that stays up off the ground to reduce wear and tear on the mesh. I also prefer a door that doesn’t require my arms to cross the centre pole to open. I auditioned a few options, and went with this style but how it will function in practice is up in the air.

Fingers crossed that the doors are functional!

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