Trail Thanksgiving Recipe

The recent ice storm has me stuck inside, so that means recipe testing! I have a few new backpacking meal ideas that I want to get tested before the summer, and this is the first: Trail Thanksgiving!

The stuffing mix, gravy powder, and potato flakes

This one is a bit of a departure from my standard ‘make real food then dehydrate it’ approach, using significant amounts of pre-packaged products, but it is significantly different than my go-to rotation of meals. I get bored with my food quickly and so this provides a much needed break from variations on noodles-and-sauce.

This came together very quickly, just a matter of weighing everything out and pouring it into a bag. I did have to dehydrate some vegetables and canned turkey, but I normally do those in bulk before a big trip so they are easily at hand.

Given how carb heavy this is, I was concerned at the calorie density for larger trips where I really start to work on optimizing food weight. However with a dollop of butter (or oil), it turns out pretty reasonable.

IngredientsWeight (oz)Calories
Boxed Stuffing2.14220
Potato Flakes1.07104
Gravy Powder0.25
Dried Veg0.7534
Dried Cranberries0.7546
Can of Turkey, dried 1.2210
Water to prepare1.33 cups

Finally, testing! It rehydrated well, and quickly when the boiling water was added. The veggies usually take about 10 minutes to loose their jerky-like chewiness, and they were the component that needed the longest soak. The stuffing and potatoes rehydrate pretty much instantly.

The taste was quite good! Definitely reminiscent of a holiday meal! The veggies add some texture and the cranberries a tart/sweetness. Overall, a winner that will certainly be in my summer rotation!

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