Kensho 2 Tent Project

Quick links to all the Kensho 2 Tent project pages and videos, as well as some finished photos.



Total Weight: 33.4 oz

7 thoughts on “Kensho 2 Tent Project

  1. Thank you for creating and posting this account of your Kensho 2 tent construction process! I am going to start making mine soon, and will revisit this site often for tips and tricks!


  2. Hi,
    I found your videos of the Kensho build, and I have really enjoyed them. I have really enjoyed watching your process, and seeing your approach to working with the sil fabrics, and dealing with the corners of the bathtub floor. And your sleeping bag is just phenomenal. I’m so inspired! Thanks!!


  3. Hiya. I noticed you’re doing something at the beginning and sometimes end that seems to involve a piece of paper or cardstock? I’m guessing this is to avoid the funky first stich that sometimes occurs, but I’d love it if you could share a bit more detail. I haven’t seen that before, but when I gave it a try myself, it, um, kinda failed :). Thanks!


    1. It’s a scrap of fabric I start a new line of stitching on, a habit I have picked up from quilting (where it is often called a ‘leader’, ‘starter’, or ‘thread bunny’. I have no idea why on that last one!). I start a line of stitching in that scrap, then move onto sewing my real piece. It does several things: keeps the thread ends contained so they don’t end up getting tangled in the line of stitching, keeps the first few stitches of the line of sewing more consistent because the feed dogs/walking foot have something to grab onto when starting the real piece, and it helps to keep pointy starting points from getting sucked into the throat plate when starting. I don’t use one for everything, but I do use it for trickier fabrics and/or where precision is very important.


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