The GDT Pack Dilemma

This whole 'budget' approach to GDT gear has mainly been going quite well! I really do have most of what I need (read more about that here). The only real consternation is my pack. My projected longest food carry (leaving Jasper) including food, water, and all gear is ~33lbs. My Osprey Tempest starts carrying uncomfortably … Continue reading The GDT Pack Dilemma

The Next Adventure: Great Divide Trail 2020

A new adventure is finally on the horizon! My heart has spent too long away from the mountains, and it is finally time to get back where I belong. In July and August 2020 I will be found on the Great Divide Trail, walking 1,130km from the US border in Waterton to Kakwa Lake! I … Continue reading The Next Adventure: Great Divide Trail 2020