Lake Superior Coastal Trail – Trip Report

I had been wanting to hike the whole Superior Coastal Trail for a while! Last year I was able to do a section with a friend, from Agawa to Coldwater Beach and couldn't wait to come back to do the complete trail. I love the ever changing terrain, the views, and the scrambling. It might be slow going at times, but never boring!

Backpacking with My Dog II: Perrin’s Gear

This is a series I wrote on my (now very out of date) dog-focused blog about hiking with Perrin. I wrote these in 2017 when I was living out west, so some points about specific wildlife don't apply, but I still think there is some value to them here. The other part, all about considerations … Continue reading Backpacking with My Dog II: Perrin’s Gear

Seek Outside Flight: First 50 Miles

I finally solved my pack dilemma! I found the goldilocks of a pack for the GDT use-case that had been stymieing my gear list! Something that carries well at 20lbs, but also at 40lbs if needed, with the right feature set and a reasonably low weight: the newly released Seek Outside Flight in the Spectra/X-Pack … Continue reading Seek Outside Flight: First 50 Miles

Kensho 2 Tent Project

Quick links to all the Kensho 2 Tent project pages and videos, as well as some finished photos. Kensho 2 Tent – Patterns and PrepKensho 2 Tent – Bathtub Floor Part 1Kensho 2 Tent – Bathtub Floor Part 2Kensho 2 Tent – Mesh ComponentsKensho 2 Tent – Roof Panel ConstructionKensho 2 Tent – Door ConstructionKensho 2 Tent – Putting It All TogetherFrontenac … Continue reading Kensho 2 Tent Project