Frontenac Winter Moonscapes

I am on a quest for two photos with the Starry Night Tent: one with it in the foreground with Orion overhead, and another with the Milky Way core overhead. The second will have to wait until summer, but the former is a winter target! Unfortunately on this trip the moon phase was not going … Continue reading Frontenac Winter Moonscapes

Canada Day Astrophotography Trip

Canada Day 2019 brought a light show in the night sky of a different sort! The weather was fantastic, so I made a last minute trip down to the Lennox Addington Dark Sky Site to shoot a little astro. The second time out with the iOptron Skyguider Pro went flawlessly now that I had a … Continue reading Canada Day Astrophotography Trip

Rho Ophiuchi – First Attempt

I was able to take my new tracker out for the first time! Conditions were absolutely perfect: not a cloud in the sky, a new moon, and nobody else at the viewing site. After one slight issue over-opening the clutch, it didn't take long to get the tracker set up and to start shooting! My … Continue reading Rho Ophiuchi – First Attempt

Orion Nebula – The First Attempt!

On a hiking trip in Frontenac Provincial Park, I took my first shot at photographing the Orion Nebula. 10+ lbs of camera gear is not on my standard list of hiking equipment! I don't have a tracker, so this was shot on a stationary tripod with 2 second frames. I readjusted the camera every 5 … Continue reading Orion Nebula – The First Attempt!